Continuously recon your business as a hacker does

Our product, composed of micro-services, is a scalable Saas solution extremely fast and efficient.
100% automated, it allows companies to discover and monitor their exposure area on the internet continuously.

Assets inventory

If you really want to protect your network, you really have to know your network - R.Joyce, Head of the NSA's TAO

  • Discover your exposure in a few minutes
  • Continously up-to-date inventory
  • Available at any time and exportable
  • Be notified of any changes

Technical investigations

Don’t assume a crack is too small to be noticed or too small to be exploited - R.Joyce, Head of the NSA's TAO

  • Use all the power of graph data structure
  • Work on your exposure
  • Return to your exposure on a specific date through the timeline

Edges discovery

You can't defend what you don't know - R.Joyce, Head of the NSA's TAO

  • Discover your suggest Shadow IT
  • Activate your filters to work more precisely
  • Be alerted whenever we find a potential shadow asset
  • Validate assets suggestions, add them to your inventory to run a mapping

Up-to-date Inventory

You have just joined a new company as a CISO and you have no idea of your scope?

Vulnerability Patching

A vulnerability has been released and you want to know quickly if you're concerned and where?

Shadow IT

You want to discover what your subsidiaries have exposed, without declaring it?

Incident response

You have an incident and you want to find faster the potential entry points?

Common Inventory

Everyone needs an up-to-date inventory but there is no common version to all departments?

Cost Optimization

You accumulate a lot of solutions and want to optimise the use of your toolbox?